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    World-class investment technologies
    Artificial intelligence Neural Networks and Actionable Intelligence backed up by Technical and Fundamental Analysis

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    First News gives you access to Free Trading signals at the Trading Platform provided by your broker.
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    Simply sign up on the site by providing some basic information and once your account is registered, you will then gain direct access to Trading signals.

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    In order to use our trade signals, you will need provide an online brokerage account and fund your account so that you can access your trading capital.

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    A New Generation of Trading Signals

    Artificial Intelligence technology (AI)

    A trading signal interprets and analyses data to determine whether you should buy or sell a security. Novice and experienced traders alike frequently look to trading signals for guidance on whether to buy or sell in the live market.

    Thanks to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, trading signals are becoming even more useful. By AI being able to analyse huge amounts of data, it can help provide the exact trading signals for individual assets that will have a high probability of success.

    Why We’re Different

    Each signal is manually approved by the Expert of the “Asymmetric Investment Program” using technical and fundamental analysis.
    Due to the choice of asymmetric investments when the potential upside of a position is much more significant than its potential downside Millionaire Opportunities signals have 1000+% plus gain potential

    Get an edge over other traders

    All our product are hosted at Servers directly connected with trading platforms available at your brokerage.
    Server-side technology gives you an edge over other traders because all trading decisions are made in a hosted environment.

    AI prediction module is installed on the servers of our partner brokers and receives market data before other traders see this data on their home computers.
    If you choose Auto execution mode — your order will be executed even before other Traders see market-data at their home computers.

    Easy to access and use

    Easy to access through any of your devices:
    — Mobile device,
    — Tablet,
    — Desktop

    Easily use the opportunities in your brokerage account
    — By e-mail
    — Via SMS
    — Through any messenger (Telegram, What’sApp)
    — Directly to the trading terminal

    Superior Signal Performance

    By Artificial Intelligence being able to analyse huge amounts of data, it holds the probability of consistent earnings with 72% probability of success.
    The “Asymmetric investment Program” raises this win rate to over 78%, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of Artificial Intelligence software and professional expertise.
    That’s why our members from all over the world trust us to multiply their hard-earned money.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I really earn money with your signals?
    AI Learning Technologies finds opportunities for asymmetric investments when the potential upside of a position is much more significant than its potential downside and therefore your risks will be rewarded. Our live users have made $2,100… $10,550… $33,276 (or more) profit on studying live comments for more results. It is somewhere between 10-40% per prediction with a winning rate above 77%, but there really is no limit on the amount of money you can make.

    I don’t have an account. How can I open an account to use my signals?
    If you already have a broker, just send us the information and we will check the possibility of working with your broker. If you don’t have an account, fill out the registration form and one of the certified partner brokers will contact you. You will need to fund your account with at least $ 500 to have capital on your balance to use our signals.

    Do I need experience to use millionaire signals?
    No, you do not need online trading experience or even knowledge of financial markets to use our signals. Our signals and manual verification process will do all the hard work for you. A certified broker will accompany your trades until they are executed in your account. It will take no more than 10 minutes to have your account ready to start.

    Do I need deposit funds?
    To use our Millionaire Opportunity Signals, you need to fund your account so that you can access your trading capital, which you will be able to use for trading based on accurate trading signals. If you don’t have an account click on how to choose an online broker.

    What is the best investment amount to start with?
    A broker account can be opened over $ 250, but we recommend starting with a minimum of $ 1000 in order to be able to open several positions at the same time, as well as diversify investments, which significantly reduces risks. On average, $ 10,000 is enough to achieve maximum results in a short time.

    Can I use these signals with my bank account?
    No, you will need an online brokerage account to realize these opportunities and make a profit. We do not provide brokerage services. We can recommend good brokers who will provide you with the best service and help you with signal execution. Click on how to choose an online broker.

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