Trading alerts: Markets and Benefits

Мар 2, 2021 Blog

Trading alerts: Markets and Benefits
Product: Momentum Stocks Signals
Author: Jason Manson

As technology advances, we provide effective day trading alerts in virtually all markets. You can receive automatic alerts for the following markets: Futures (e.g. gold and wheat)
Stocks (like Amazon and Google)
Forex (e.g. GBP / USD and EUR / USD)
Commodity (such as gold and oil)
CFDs (Contracts for Difference)
So, whichever market you dive into, we’ll help you easily set up live trading alerts.

Alerts offer the experienced trader a number of invaluable benefits:

Offline — If you’ve been following stocks all day, you don’t
want to miss out on an opportunity just because you
needed to leave quickly. Alerts can be sent directly to your
mobile phone or tablet to keep you informed when you are
away from your desk.

Time — Instead of spending all day tracking stocks and
doing complex calculations, you can program your criteria
and then get a price alert when it’s time to hit. This gives
you more time to focus on other important trading areas,
such as risk management.

Automation — Human traders can be wrong, especially
when the stakes are high. Some warning systems are now
100% automated, relying on highly accurate mathematical
calculations and avoiding human error.
Speed. Instead of manually following the news, you can
sit back and let a system tailored to your market do the
work. This means you can receive notifications of
upcoming events, reminders an hour before an event
occurs, and instant alerts when news comes out. You can
also get macro data at the time of publication.
Ease of Use — As apps are constantly improving, you can
get alerts faster and easier than ever before. You can
receive notifications via push notifications to your mobile
phone, platform and email. So, whichever strategy you
use, from swing trading to reversal trading, you will find it
very easy to give signals.
Details — now you get more detailed and relevant
information in accordance with your needs. You can be
alerted to assets showing promising signs of range,
volume, and volatility. You can also add many filters to
block out additional noise, making trading decisions easier.

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